Sand art creativity by LadyD’Arts.

Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic shape, such as sand brushing, sand sculpting, sand painting, or sand bottle creation.

The majority of sand play occurs on sandy beaches, where the two basic building components, sand and water, are abundant. Sand play happens in dry sandpits and sandboxes, but usually by children and rarely for artistic purposes. Kids often create sand arts for enjoyment.

According to UNESCO, A rich and vibrant visual culture has emerged as a medium of communication among the members of the 80 various language groups who inhabit Vanuatu’s central and northern islands. The paintings also serve as memory devices for rituals, mythological tales, and a plethora of oral information about local histories, cosmologies, kinship systems, song cycles, farming techniques, architectural and craft design, and choreographic rhythms. Most sand drawings serve several purposes and have multiple levels of meaning: they can be “read” as artistic works, information stores, illustrations for stories, signatures, or simply messages and objects of contemplation.

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Sand Art

However, there are also sand-sculpture competitions and arts for adults. These ones entail big, complex works, such as this one created by LadyD’Arts. This is her first trial on this type of art. She is as thrilled as all of us in the Chestropera art group! Follow her on Instagram @ladyd_arts

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