A new religious contemporary choral music in pidgin, Mama Mary op. 2 by E. O. Mozart. This piece as the title implies, is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The CHORUS displays Mary as the Mother of all calling to mind the Angel Gabriel’s visitation (na you nai God e bless, Mama full of grace). Acclaiming one of her titles (the bright and morning star) with words of Love and affection (sweet Mama).

VERSE ONE tells of her Queen-ship and Holiness, pure of heart, calm as the waters, calling to mind, her profound virtue of obedience, accepting God’s plan for her to be mother of God (Her immaculate conception).

VERSE TWO tells of her virginity, referring to her as the Seat of Wisdom. Her Holiness and intercession for us sinners to her son, Jesus Christ. A mother she is indeed as the song says; “nae make am be my Mama”. Let’s celebrate our Mother Mary.

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