Chestropera Sportico is delighted to announce the start of the new season’s Chestropera Fantasy Premier League (FPL). This springs from the call from house members and sports lovers who are eager to show their dream football team and flex their managerial skills.

Chestropera Fantasy Premier League

New features are in!
You’ll see that the new season will include a lot of intriguing new elements in the FPL.

The first change is that FPL now has a colorful new style that matches the spirit of the game. This captivates the attention of millions of football lovers worldwide.

You can participate in our head-to-head league, where managers compete each Game week for three points for a win and one point for a draw, or our classic league, where the total number of points determines the standings. You can as well be in both leagues. Read more on the new features from the FPL official page Fantasy Premier League 2022/23 is live

Also keep in mind that the earlier you register for the Chestropera Fantasy Premier League, the better your chances are of winning prizes and staying at the top!

Registration for the league (CFPL) is ongoing and requires an entry fee of ₦‎1,500.

There are mouth-watering prizes and rewards for winners of the following category:

League winner, 1st & 2nd runners-up, manager of the month, and first manager to garner 1000 points.

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