Nigeria Decides 2023

As a civic responsibility, all Nigerians are encouraged to go out en masse and vote the right candidates for president and other offices. Make your voice heard. Your vote counts. From all of us at Chestropera.

FSV Easter Project

New Project Alert FSV 2023 Easter Project Join the Friends of St. Val in another edition of the Easter rendition, performing Jesu Siri N’onwu Binite (Jesus rose from the dead). FILL THE FORM AND PARTICIPATE

Mama Mary

A new religious contemporary choral music in pidgin, Mama Mary op. 2 by E. O. Mozart. This piece as the title implies, is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The CHORUS displays Mary as the Mother of all calling to mind the Angel Gabriel’s visitation (na you nai God e bless, Mama full of grace). Acclaiming one […]

African Art Music Commissioning Project

Àkójopò invites composers to submit an application for commissioning consideration for its annual concert showcasing African art music, which will be held in July 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria. The project seeks to promote works that use an Afrocentric compositional/theoretical framework, specifically using resources, processes, and elements (sonic, structural, and stylistic) germane to the African musical […]

Chestropera Open Day

💫Yoo!!! Chestro!!!💫The following pack is created specifically for you. ▶️COURSES▶️CONSULTATIONS▶️MUSIC ARRANGEMENT SERVICES▶️ART COMMISSIONS▶️FANTASY FOOTBALL packs Amazing right?😮💫 Sign up quickly and enjoy!

The Giant String

The octobass of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. It typically plays one octave below the double bass. This rare bowed strong instrument was…

Dean of Musica

VICTOR OBIDI Dean of Musica A Self taught Hyper-realistic Charcoal and Graphite Pencil Artist. Ardent writer of Music, Creative works and Pianist. Basketball and Chess comes in handy at free times.  Chestropera is a well structured project that seeks to nurture the important aspects of a living individual; Arts, Music and Sports. This project aims […]

Asssociate DOM

ADAOBI NWOYE Associate Dean of Musica Nwoye Adaobi B. Popularly known as AdaHarmony hails from Anambra state. She was born in late 90’s and she enjoys travelling, meeting different persons and making new friends. Ada is a simple, multi talented and unique being. She is graduate of biochemistry and currently an MSc student. Also, she […]