Àkójopò invites composers to submit an application for commissioning consideration for its annual concert showcasing African art music, which will be held in July 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria. The project seeks to promote works that use an Afrocentric compositional/theoretical framework, specifically using resources, processes, and elements (sonic, structural, and stylistic) germane to the African musical landscape.

To apply, applicants will submit a sample and representative work that shows the applicant’s compositional voice, technique, and mastery. Generally, the length of the sample piece should not exceed 10 minutes; we would prefer pieces within 7 minutes. We encourage the submission of an accompanying audio recording (MIDI is acceptable), although this is not required.

To apply and read full application details please visit www.akojopomf.com/aamcp

JAN 31. 2023
11:59pm (GMT)

For further enquires and information, send an email to concert@akojopo.com

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