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Hi Chestro

We see a lot of talents out there and it simply delights us how amazing they just are! We are committed to uphold various talents and how they reflect in today’s world of recreation. It is undoubtedly fun to get involved in arts, refreshing to do music, and real cool to consider sports. What could be more interesting?

We started out in December 2016 with the department of Music called the Musica. Less than two years later on July 2018 the Antiqua and the Sportico came into the picture.

Our goal is simple. We are working to become the lead institute of art, music and sports. By this, we envisage a college-like setting with structures and blocks to boost learning experience, uphold recreational activities in real-time and promote a happier society.

We carried out a successful music contest under the header “Reverend Cosmas Aguocha Memoral Contest (RCAMMA) in 2017”.

We held our first campaign on art with the theme “Antiqua Exhibition Contest”, featuring the first works of our members in 2018.

We hosted and awarded outstanding members from all departments in an august event titled “Chestro Awards” in 2019.

We elected the most beautiful face of Chestropera, Ofure, in 2020 who would become the pioneer ambassador of Chestropera.

Look Ahead

Art Exhibitions

On-site art exhibitions, where Chestros display their artworks in an art gallery and museums.


Local teams of variety of sports engaging and competing in an in-depth sporting and gaming activities.


On-site music concerts featuring musicians of all genres to encourage active participation in music.


Keep the culture of constant innovation and revolution to match with the tempo of evolving funfair.

Meet the Team

The Chestropera team fondly called ‘the Winteam’ is a team of brilliant youngsters with a broad perspective and ideas, working as directors and managers of the institute. 

Kossy Afojama

Kossy is the general administrator and head of operations at Chestropera.

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Sixtus Okoro
Head of Tutorial Cabinet

Sixtus is the man in charge of the academic profile of the institution.

Victor Obidi
Dean of Musica

Victor is a fine pianist and classical musician. He leads the music department.

Paschal Abugu
Chief Executive

Paschal is the founder and the chief of the executive staff of Chestropera.

Alex Chukwuma
Head of Media

Alex heads the designs and social interaction team of the institution.

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Praise Odili
Technical Director

Praise is a producer and the technical director of the institution.

Temple Osiris
Temple Amaku
Strategic Advisor

Temple (Osiris) is a poet, writer and the strategic advisor of the institution.

Nmesomma Oloto
Head of Commerce

Nmesomma heads the financial and audit team of Chestropera.

IMG-20220227-WA0082 - Winning Carl
Stephen Kanu
Dean of Antiqua

Stephen is a prolific charcoal artist and the head of the art department.

Ebuka Chinwuba
Dean of Sportico

Ebuka is a good sport analyst, footballer and the head of sports department.

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Get notified of the latest news on our recreational campaigns.

Only important news from Chestropera will be sent to the provided email address.